i added how to add AMiNIMiga to PCUAAE its to the wiki area you can read the instructions and download it here

And supporters can downoad the latest release form supporters site now

Just released PCUAAE 1.0.7

this version has atari mode and vice mode and linux mode and workbench mode or your own workbench RA mode does not works now
if you want a mode yust download it here
have a lot of fun with this release


PCUAE has just had a baby, its called PCUAAE – Project Carousel USB Amiga Anniversary Edition.

Project Carousel USB Amiga Anniversary Edition(PCUAAE) for THE A500 Mini. PCUAAE Autoboot Start-up Script v1.0.0. PCUAAE – Manhattan Skyline v1.0.2

This is for THE A500 Mini or THE A500 Maxi, Its early days yet, THEA500 Mini was released on the 8th April 2022 and not everyone has got there’s yet but just wanted to put this out there that this it been made and will get better in time as we learn more about the machine.

And as mods get made for it, I will try and add them to it.

This will be like PCUAE and use some of it, I will port some of the stuff from it to this, I will not be porting the carousel from THEC64(PCUAE Mode), it was not made for this machine and it should stay on the machine it meant to be for, THE A500 Mini has its own carousel and I do not need to turn it into THEC64 and I want to try to respect Retro Games LTD who made these machines, I will probably port VICE Mode over, we will see.

Thanks for reading


Project Carousel USB Amiga Anniversary Edition(PCUAE2) For THE A500 Mini by Spannernick PCUAE2 – Manhattan Skyline(Aha 1986) v1.0.2 (8th April 2022) v 1.0.0 is comming in a few days, it will not do much at the moment but I want to release it so it has a initial release.

You be able to load Workbench from a save state mod using USB Media Access and be able to play Simon The Sorcerer Talkie Version(CD32).